Events calendar
Nokan taidetorppa kesällä.
5.9.2022 00.00 - 9.9.2022 00.00

Art Exhibition Tuija Viitanen

Art work of Tuija Viitanen is displayed in Nokan taidetorppa, Suvitie 10, from September 5th to September 11th 2022. Open every day at 12-18 o’clock.

Rauman merimuseorakennus keväällä.
14.5.2022 00.00 - 18.12.2022 00.00

Stairway exhibition: Karelians in Rauma and people of Rauma in Karelia

Rauma Maritime Museum, Kalliokatu 34, displays a stairway exhibition in sedond floor’s showcases. Tha cases display a small exhibition of interesting persons and themes. Exhibition is open 14.5.-18.12.2022. Many of

Rauma Maritime Museum , Kalliokatu 34, Rauma
10.7.2022 10.00 - 7.8.2022 15.00

Lappi Regional Museum is open

Lappi Regional Museum is open in July Sundays 10.7., 17.7., 24.7. and 31.7. and also during Löylypäivät 6.-7.8. at 10-15 o’clock. The changing exhibition in Eskelä granary is based on

16.6.2022 00.00 - 31.8.2022 00.00

Ancestors in a lighthouse island – ceramics exhibition

Taru-Taina Nora’s ceramics exhibition Ancestors in a lighthouse island (Esivanhempia majakkasaarella) is on display in Kylmäpihlaja Lighthouse 16.6.-31.8.2022. Taru-Taina Nora has molded the field loam, ancient clay of sea bed,

26.7.2022 00.00 - 7.8.2022 00.00

Summer sitting – art exhibition in Seppä House

Summer sitting (Kesäkattaus) is a art axhibition by Viivi Osmonen. The exhibit will be open 26.7.-7.8.2022 in Seppä House in Alfredinkatu 3. The exhibition consist of colorful and summerly paintings

23.7.2022 00.00 - 31.7.2022 00.00

All you can do from recycled wood -exhibition

In this homely exhibition a variety of objects made of recycled wood is presented. There is cups, mugs, vases, boats, toys and canes among other things. Wood worker Timo Uskali

Rauman Pitsiviikko vuodesta 1971 logo.
23.7.2022 00.00 - 31.7.2022 00.00

Museums and historical sights! – a photohistorical exhibition

The Camera Museum presents a wide variety of cameras, movie making machines, lenses and  additional equipment from camera obscura to digital technology. In museum shop you can buy all kinds

Rauman taidemuseo ja Hauenguanon kaivo.
5.7.2022 00.00 - 31.7.2022 00.00

Rauma Graphic Artists’ Summer Hang Up

Rauma Graphic Artists present the Summer Hang Up (Kesäripustus) -exhibition. The exhibition can be seen in Graphic Artists’ Workshop in Kuninkaankatu 44. The exhibition is open in 5.-22.7.2022 from Tuesday

Pitsiliina ja knypylät.
23.7.2022 00.00 - 31.7.2022 00.00

Laces in celebration -exhibition

In Poselli, Nortamonkatu 12, Rauma’s traditional lace is on display. Nyplääjät ry, a society of lace makers, displays lace in cloths and accessories. In site there will be lace makers

Culture House Poselli , Nortamonkatu 12, Rauma
6.7.2022 11.00 - 31.7.2022 15.00

The Magic of Watercolors – art exhibition

The Magic of Watercolours (Akvarellien taikaa) -exhibition displays unique watercolor pieces by Tuula Kallas. The exhibition is in her gallery, Koulukatu 3 B 3, in 6.-31.7.2022. The exhibition is open