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Sepäntorppa Kodisjoella.
2.7.2022 00.00 - 31.7.2022 00.00

Blooming beauty in croft and in yard

The Marthas of Kodisjoki display a summer exhibition in Seppä croft. This year there is plenty to sii both inside and out in the yard. The Marthas of Kodisjoki have

Seppä croft , Kodisjoentie 1449 , Rauma
Nokan taidetorppa kesällä.
1.7.2022 00.00 - 31.7.2022 00.00

Inspira ry’s members’ joint exhibition

Inspira ry is a society for hobby artists of Rauma. They are displaying their members’ join exhibition in Nokka Art Croft 1.-31.7.2022. The exhibition is open every day at 12-18

Rauman Pitsiviikko vuodesta 1971 logo.
24.7.2022 00.00 - 29.7.2022 00.00

The Martha Organization of Rauma exhibits hobby works

The Martha Organization of Rauma organises an exhibition for hobby works in 24.-29.7.2022. The exhibition is located in Marttapirtti, Luostarinkatu 4. In the exhibition site there is also flash raffle.

Marttapirtti , Luostarinkatu 4, Rauma
23.7.2022 00.00 - 29.7.2022 00.00

The Phones Journey to the Present Day

The Old Rauma’s Phone Museum’s collection tells the history of the phone, from the creation of a phone in the 1870’s to present day. Museum presents equipment from 1870’s to

3.7.2022 00.00 - 10.7.2022 00.00

Color Matters -exhibition

Color Matter (Värillä on väliä) -art exhibition Jesse Blomberg is a self-taught artist living in Rauma, who has gotten a good amount of followers in Instagram. Now you have a

27.6.2022 00.00 - 18.7.2022 00.00

Metal graphics -exhibition

Rauma Main Library is displaying graphics by Helvi Heta Hytönen and graphics and watercolor paintings by Suvi Verno. Echibition is in the library’s lobby and can be visited till 18th

1.6.2022 00.00 - 15.7.2022 00.00

Arabia Exhibit

Local collectors ceramic treasures are in display in Lappi library, in “Arabia over the years” -exhibit.

8.5.2022 00.00 - 23.4.2023 00.00

Teresia travels – travelphotos from five decades

Teresia travels – travelphotos from five decades -exhibit is on display in Teresia and Rafael Lönnström’s home museum from 8.5.2022 onwards. In nostalgic travelphotos camera has caught young students in

11.7.2022 00.00 - 24.7.2022 00.00

Sotkuinen matka – paintings by Juuso Joutsi

Art exhibition by Juuso Joutsi at Sepän talo (Alfredinkatu 3, Rauma) is on display 11.7.–24.7.2022. The exhibition’s opening hours are 11–18. Closed on Tuesdays.

Kulttuuritalo Poselli kesällä.
23.7.2022 00.00 - 31.7.2022 00.00

Together -lace exhibition

Poselli, Nortamonkatu 12, is exhibiting The Lace Maker of the Year -award winners of 2020 and 2021 Tarmo Thorström’s and Sirkka Jalonen’s lace work. Exhibition also has lacey works of

Culture House Poselli , Nortamonkatu 12, Rauma