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A house against the sky

A musical play full of emotion, laughter, life and human destinies! Welcome to experience the story of an old Rauma house. The story is fictional, but is strongly connected to the history of Rauma, Finland and the world. The venue is the beautiful seaside at Nokan torppa.

Screenplay: Marko Östman
Directed by Hanna Turunen

Roles: Sanna Halminen, Jenni-Stiina Inkinen, Hanne Linnavuori, Jasmin Määttä, Joni Sotkasiira, Pauli Teperi, Jesse Vuosjoki, Iina Östman
Costume, makeup and hair: Lotta Selin

A story from the 19th century to the present day. Time changes and people change with it – or do they change anyway? People, time and a house against the sky – in the middle of a city that never gets old.

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24.7.2021 18.00 - 19.30

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