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Blooming beauty in croft and in yard

The Marthas of Kodisjoki display a summer exhibition in Seppä croft. This year there is plenty to sii both inside and out in the yard. The Marthas of Kodisjoki have combined themes from Garden Marthas and Craft Marthas, so the exhibition is versatile.

Inside the croft there is a diverse exhibit of Finnish ryijy rugs and in the yard there is stages for utility and decorative plants. The Marthas have in motion a Diverse Home Yard – Sustainable and Edible Home Yard in the City -project 2021-2022. The Marthas of Kodisjoki have challenged other societies in the village to take part in the cultivation.

In the croft’s yard there is different kind of old, traditional activities for children.l There is also a cafeteria in the sight.

Exhibition is open in July weekend 2.-3.7., 9.-10.7., 16.-17.7. as well as during the Lace Week 23.-31.7.2022 every day at 12-16 o’clock.

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2.7.2022 - 31.7.2022


Seppä croft, Kodisjoentie 1449 , Rauma

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