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Cleaning Day

On Saturday 26 August, the City of Rauma will participate in the national Cleaning Day event by offering its streets, parks and yards as sales points. No special permit is required to hold a sales point in a public place on Cleaning Day.

There is no official organiser, each participant is the organiser of their own event and is responsible for cleaning up after themselves.

You can register for the Cleaning Day by entering the location of your stall, opening hours and details of the products to be sold on the Cleaning Day website at and following the instructions on the website.

General instructions for the Cleaning Day

  • Vendors must register and indicate their outlet on the website.
  • Sales points should be located on hard surfaces such as paving stones, asphalt or sandy walkways. Lawns must not be damaged.
  • Public pedestrian, traffic or other use of the area must not be impeded.
  • Seller shall be liable to the City and any third party for any damage or inconvenience caused by the sale site.
  • Vendor shall remove, at vendor’s own expense, any unsold or unrecycled items from the public area immediately following the event.
  • The clean-up day is not intended for professional flea market traders or new goods dealers.

Special instructions for Rauma’s sales and recycling points

The Rauma Entrepreneurs’ Association has issued a land use permit for the duration of the Cleaning Day for the areas it manages in the centre of Rauma, with the exception of Marketplace. In addition to the general guidelines for the Cleaning Day, the following guidelines will be followed in Rauma.

  • The event will take place from 8 am to 7 pm.
  • The Marketplace is not part of the permit area.
  • Schools, kindergartens and other city buildings are not covered by the permit.
  • The City Hall courtyard may be used as a sales area.
  • The City of Rauma and Rauma Entrepreneurs Association have the right to change the sales areas on the day of the event.

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26.8.2023 08.00 - 19.00

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