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Drink of the Gods. Theobroma cacao

Drink of the Gods. Cacao Theobroma, is an exhibition by visual artist-graphic Katariina Mannio, in the tower of the Rauma Maritime Museum (Kalliokatu 34). The exhibition will be on display from 9th of June to 28th of August 2021.

Food plants familiar from Central and South America, such as cocoa, vanilla, potatoes and pineapple, can be seen in many lights in this exhibition. In addition to graphic prints made with woodcut techniques, information of the origin of the plants as well as samples of their aromas and tastes are on display. The exhibition goes hand in hand with the Maritime Museum’s own collections as these plants were cargo of sailing ships and one of the reasons why these distant, exotic lands have once been explored.

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9.6.2021 - 28.8.2021

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