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Keskustelupuisto’s Chicken Coop and Chick Search

For Easter, the playhouse in Keskustelupuisto park is being decorated as the park’s own chicken coop. A group of stuffed animals will spend Easter there: chicks, two adorable chickens, a rooster, and a couple of rabbits. The cozy chicken coop and its many details can be admired by peeking inside the playhouse window.

However, most of the chicks from the Easter display have escaped from the chicken coop, and they can be searched for independently in Keskustelupuisto area, even with the whole family. A map revealing the location of the escaped chicks, along with instructions, can be found in the park’s playhouse.

Lönnström Art Museum is decorating Keskustelupuisto’s chicken coop together with Keskustelupuisto’s park sponsors and Rauma Wihertoimi.

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23.3.2024 - 1.4.2024

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