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Lace exhibition RETRO

The retro lace exhibition will be on display during the Lace Week from 17th to 24th July 2021 in the staff restaurant Kerttu Pruutmestarska, in the courtyard of the town hall (Kanalinranta 3). It is open 10-18.

The RETRO lace exhibition includes lace works for all those who have been awarded the title of Lace Maker of the Year, as well as works that have participated in lace design competitions organized by Lace Center Emelia.

Lace Center Emelia association is another of Rauma’s lacing associations and it mainly focuses on new lacing technology and the current use of lace. Every year, the Lace Center Emelia association chooses the Lace Maker of the Year, whose works will be on display in Lace Week the following year. The Lace Maker of the year will be announced on the opening day of the exhibition on Saturday 17th of July at 13 o’clock.

Opening hours:

Sat-sun 17.-18.7. 10-15

Mon-thu 19.-22.7. 10-18

Fri 23.7. 10-20

Sat 24.7. 10-15

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Event date and time

17.7.2021 - 24.7.2021

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