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Minihysteria – children’s event

Minihysteria – children’s event has variety of different kind of program to families in  Rauman Keskuspuisto and in the down town area on Saturday 24.9.2022 at 10-14 o’clock. The program has, among other things, surprise gifts, treats, raffle, exercise, though questions and many other fun activities in orientation checkpoints around the city.

Minihysteria is a free of charge event and open to all families with children. In the event children will get a map of orientation checkpoints. Every checkpoint has a question. Societies and businesses, who want to offer fun things to do for children and showcase their operations, have been invited to take part.

Directions for the event:

  1. Get a map from Keskuspuisto from Rakastunu Raumaan -entrepreneurs’ checkpoint, on the back yard of Puistokahvila, Valtakatu 2b, at 10-14 o’clock.
  2. Orient checkpoints in down town area and collect answers to the questions from checkpoints. You can tour the checkpoints in between 10-14 o’clock.
  3. Return the map to Keskuspuisto and take part on a raffle. Everyone who returns the map will receive a small prize.

Event area in Keskuspuisto is the starting point for the orientation.

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Event date and time

24.9.2022 10.00 - 14.00

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