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More by Walking and Around the Canal walk

The city of Rauma is organizing an open-to-all “More by Walking” event at the cultural house Poselli, located at Nortamonkatu 12, on Thursday, 26th October at 1 pm during the autumn holiday week. The event will provide information on sustainable nature activities and attractive local natural destinations in Rauma, both on land and at sea.

“More by Walking” is part of the city’s well-being program implementation. The aim of the program is to strengthen the capability, mobility, and mental well-being of residents, especially children, young people, and families with children.

At the end of the event, participants have the opportunity to join “Around the Canal” walk with representatives of the city’s leadership. The walk begins at 3:15 pm in front of the city hall at Kanalinranta 3. The walk is approximately 3.2 kilometers long and will last around 45 minutes.

“Our goal is to increase community spirit, participation, and equality. Thus, we invite everyone to join the communal walk around the Canal. In doing so, the city of Rauma responds to the President Niinistö’s challenge to promote physical activity,” says Kristiina Kuusio, the head of well-being.

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Event date and time

26.10.2023 13.00 - 16.00


Culture House Poselli, Nortamonkatu 12, Rauma