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National Classic Motocross

Classic motocross in Rauma accompanied by the stories of the commentator legend in September

In a couple of weeks, Rauma’s motocross track will see the glory of the old days, when classic bike enthusiasts arrive at their only national competition of the season. There is plenty to see on the pit and more or less real racing on the track. Commentator legend Jorma Pulkkinen will once again be in the announce tower and the audience will also be entertained by an air show.

Classic motocross riders are used to get-together every year and compete with decades-old motocross bikes on the three-part Classic Motocross series, but unfortunately the series was not set up for this season. Of course, they have ridden together in an organized manner during the past summer, but just only on Saturday September 9th the classic motocross riders will get to the starting line for the first time during the current season in the national competition under the Finnish Motorcycle Association, when the Rauman Seudun Moottorikerho (local motor club) hosts a race that is full of history at the Kuivassuo motocross track in Rauma.

The youngest machines classified as classic bikes are from the year 2000, but a large part of the bikes were manufactured in the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. Registration for the competition is open until September 3rd, but it is already known that at least one bike from model year 1952 will be seen making laps on the fine motocross track.

Bikes from different decades have their own racing classes, and the riders’ year of birth also serves as a sorting method, as some classes require the rider to be at least 66 or 72 years old. Traditionally, classic competitions have seen riders in their twenties to old stagers in their 70s, so riders of many ages like to play with older equipment.

In the inner circle of the sport, classic bikes are also divided according to the materials of the mudguards into ”tin fenders” and ”plastic fenders”.

– The original idea of classic motocross was that older riders could race on the bikes of their time, but younger riders have also found a their place at the track. The idea is to cherish traditions, memories, and keep old bikes in good condition. Some of the riders come to the pit the day before the race and spend the night there, talking about the old bikes and times. Some will arrive on the morning of the race. Some race more serious, while for others it’s more of a riding event. There is a lot to see and admire, Ari Peippo from the host club describes.

In addition to the riders, Jorma Pulkkinen, a multi-talented host and television presenter, who rarely takes the microphone these days, takes care of creating the atmosphere of the race at Rauma. Pulkkinen, who has reached the age of more than 80, is on familiar ground, as he has decades of experience in, among other things, narrating the motocross Finnish and World championship competitions.

Air show before the heats

The Rauman Seudun Moottorikerho is expecting some 70 riders who will compete in nine different classes. In addition to training, everyone has two race heats.

The public has free access to the event, and the kiosk serves spectators with tasty treats.

Practices start at 9:30. The first heats are in line at 12:00. There is a break before the second heats starting at 14:30.

The Rauman Seudun Moottorikerho recommends that the public arrive early, because if the weather permits, a one-plane air show will be organized over the event area before the first heats.

Competition venue The Rauma Kuivassuo motocross track is located just a few kilometers from the city center at Vuorenalhontie 142. Some people are familiar with the area thanks to the neighboring shooting range, others know the nearby Hevossuo waste station.

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9.9.2023 12.00

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