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Peltone Reissue and Miljoonasade // Brummi

Aiaiai, wonderfully in November, we have Miljoonasade at the Brummi Live Club in Rauma! Peltone Reissue will be warming up the stage for the concert.

Doors open at 8:00 PM
Peltone Reissue at 8:45 PM
Miljoonasade at 10:00 PM

It is advisable to get your tickets in advance.
Advance tickets: 35,-.

No separate cloakroom fee.

Concert tickets:

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“Skip the Intro” is the name of Miljoonasade’s new album and tour. The album was released on October 6, 2023. The setlist for the tour will include material from the new album as well as familiar Miljoonasade classics.

“Over the past few years, we have released, among other things, an acoustic album and an album made with a symphony orchestra. Now, you get to hear an album full of completely new songs and what the 2020s Miljoonasade’s pop rock sounds like. You might be surprised,” says Heikki Salo.

– – –

Peltone Reissue will be warming up the evening for Miljoonasade, performing songs written and recorded by Mika Peltonen. The songs are down-to-earth and tinted with everyday stories. Some of the lyrics have been co-written with Heikki Salo. The band’s concert repertoire mainly consists of content from the three latest albums: Lupa kimaltaa (2015), Hyvin hukatut vuodet (2019), and Ilmaa siipien alle (2022). Tomi Aholainen, who also plays in Miljoonasade, has produced the latest album, Ilmaa siipien alle.

Peltone Reissue:
Vocals & Guitar – Peltone (Mika Peltonen)
Guitar – Tomi Leppäkorpi
Bass – Henri Murtojärvi
Keyboards – Markus Takala
Drums – Asko Vainiopekka

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Brummi Live Club, Karjalankatu 15, Rauma

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