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Rauma 580 years riverside walk

Rauma is celebrating its 580th anniversary in 2022. Why did the city form at the mouth of the strait? How has the location of the port changed over the centuries? Where were the first houses, the church and the roads? How did the city grow and develop? Come for a spring walk through the 580-year history of Rauma. We walk along the Rauma River, on the banks of which are located the homes of famous people, schools, factories and still the city’s significant buildings.

The guided tour starts from the park of Kaunisjärvenpuisto by a small pond ( and continues through Old Rauma to a newer cultural center, from the 15th century to 2022.

Guided tour is in English and duration of the walking tour is 1,5 h.

Price: adults 10 € and children 6 €. Tickets must be bought beforehand from online shop Doerz.

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4.6.2022 13.00

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