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Rauma Festivo: Art

At the Rauma Festival Art Concert, harpist, painter Laura Hynninen paints live two of Caroline Shaw’s (b. 1982) beaded string quartet works on both sides of the bright plexiglass by Matilda Kaul, Ari Vilhjálmsson, Riitta-Liisa Ristiluoma and Lauri Kistankuoma. Hynninen completes the concert with his own music and harp together with the festival’s artistic director, violinist Siljamari Heikinheimo.

Caroline Shaw (1982–): Entr’acte (a minuet & trio) for string quartet

Punctum for string quartet

Laura Hynninen: Performative work for harp and violin


Laura Hynninen, live painting and harp

Siljamari Heikinheimo, violin

Helsinki Chamber Soloists String Quartet

Tickets 30 € / 15 €

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6.8.2021 19.00

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