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Rauma Festivo Chamber Music Festival

The Rauma Festivo Chamber Music Festival will be held from August 6th to 10th, 2024.

Rauma Festivo is a five-day chamber music festival that takes place in the unique surroundings of Old Rauma, the largest wooden town centre in the Nordic countries.The concerts, matinees, lectures, street musicians, and pop up concerts performing in usually closed private gardens make music and world-class artists available to all, locals and visitors.

Amongst other venues, chamber music is heard in Poselli, a former chapel, which is very highly regarded for its acoustics. There are also concerts in the Church of the Holy Cross (Pyhän Ristin kirkko), a medieval church built by the Rauma Franciscan Friary. Daily there are also concerts free of charge which are a great opportunity for children and the ones new to chamber music to hear live acoustic music being performed.

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6.8.2024 - 10.8.2024

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