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Sounds of Brightness – Christmas Concert

Sounds of Brightness – Christmas Concert – Kalle Virtanen & Stefanie Tuurna

The Voice of FInland 2021 winner Kalle Virtanen and improvisational pianist and composer Stefanie Tuurna perform atmospheric Christmas music from here and elsewhere. The concert will also be the first time Tuurna and Virtanen’s new song “Jäätaivas” will be performed.

  • En etsi valtaa loistoa (J. Sibelius / Z. Topelius / M. Korpilahti)
  • Tuikkikaa oi joulun tähtöset (P.J Hannikainen / E. Koponen)
  • Jul strålande jul (G. Nordqvist / E. Evers)
  • Sylvian joululaulu (K. Collan / Z. Topelius)
  • Sydämeeni joulun teen (K. Halonen / V. Salmi)
  • C-molli preludi (S. Rachmaninov)
  • Heinillä härkien kaukalon (Trad. / M. Korpilahti)
  • Belle astre que j’adore (C. Loret)
  • Hiljainen joululaulu (M. Hela)
  • Jäätaivas (S. Tuurna / K. Virtanen)
  • Pianoimprovisaatio
  • Oi jouluyö (A. Adam / K. Solanterä / A. Kock)
  • Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (H. Martin, R. Blane)

Christmas music is an integral part of Christmas. Christmas carols are the soundtrack of every year’s festive season, with a strong nostalgic feel that makes us feel connected to our own and previous generations’ Christmases. For this concert, I have chosen my own favourites from the wide selection of carols and we will also debut our own new winter-themed song. I hope that through these songs you will join us in the timeless atmosphere of Christmas, personal yet shared together.

The concert is organised by the Cultural Services of the City of Rauma.

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10.12.2023 16.00


Culture House Poselli, Nortamonkatu 12, Rauma

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