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Stairway exhibition: Karelians in Rauma and people of Rauma in Karelia

Rauma Maritime Museum, Kalliokatu 34, displays a stairway exhibition in sedond floor’s showcases. Tha cases display a small exhibition of interesting persons and themes. Exhibition is open 14.5.-18.12.2022.

Many of the seafarers and sailors who lived in Rauma visited the Vysotsk harbour near Vyborg. Vysotsk harbour was important for timber export. How has the harbour and the neighbouring area been saved in Maritime Museum’s photograph collections?

Another showcase has documents and photos about shipwrights who came from Koivisto area after the Second World War.


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14.5.2022 - 18.12.2022


Rauma Maritime Museum, Kalliokatu 34, Rauma

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