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Teresia travels – travelphotos from five decades

Teresia travels – travelphotos from five decades -exhibit is on display in Teresia and Rafael Lönnström’s home museum from 8.5.2022 onwards.

In nostalgic travelphotos camera has caught young students in Copenhagen in 1920, roadtrip to Middle Europe 1953, a trip to Malaga with Karair in 1960 and many other travel destinations. In Exhibit is displayed Teresia Lönnström’s travels in foreign countries from the 1920’s to the 1970’s.

Teresia and Rafael Lönnström were enthusiast travellers already at the early 1900’s, when traveling to foreing countries were possible only to few. Some of the travelphotos are taken from the business trios they made together. At that time it was common to travel with a ship, a train or a private car. Traveling sights were usually culture or nature sights.

Traveling with plane got more common at the ens of the 1950’s and for the next decades people flew not only to European cities but also to new destinations to the sunny coast of Mediterranean Sea. After Rafael Lönnström died in 1943 Teresia travelled with her friends and her niece Else Bech. Else was interested in photographing and is believed to be taken many of the photos of the exhibit.

Industry consultant Teresia Lönnström (1895–1986) was leading Lönnström metal industry company in Rauma from 1944 to 1973. In addition to her business trios Teresia also traveled to foreign countries in her free time with her niece Else Beth. They traveled to many Europen countries, as far as the Canary Islands and Madeira.

Teresia travels – travelphotos from five decades -exhibit’s appearance is designed by Jari Niemi.

Teresia and Rafael Lönnström’s home museum’s opening hours.

Picture: Teresia and Rafael Lönnström on a business trip in Postdam, Germany in 1936. Lönnström’s art museum.


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8.5.2022 - 23.4.2023


Teresia and Rafael Lönnström Home Museum, Syväraumankatu 41, Rauma

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