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The Kanali ympär walking event

In cooperation with Rauman Latu, the City of Rauma organises the Kanali ympär event on Friday 10 May. The event involves walking around the Kanali together with the city’s management.

The total length of the walk is 3.2 kilometres. You can start the run at two different departure times, either at 3 PM or at 4 PM. The starting point is in front of the City Hall at Kanalinranta 3.

Sausages, coffee and juice are also available for those who have completed the walk. The coffee ticket is available in the middle of the walk, where there is also a break exercise organised by Rauman Latu.


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10.5.2024 15.00


Rauma City Hall, Kanalinranta 3, Rauma

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