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Musiikin äärellä näyttely

Gustavian style interior exhibition displays musical instruments and other artefacts and furniture from the late 1700s and the early 1800s.   Entrance fees: adults 5 € / 3,50 € students 2,50 € under 18 free Opening hours

Marela museum, Kauppakatu 24, 26100 Rauma + Google Map
Privilegiokirje, Rauma

The exhibition digs deep into the early history of Rauma. The exhibition focuses on the first three centuries of the town: the 1400s, the 1500s and the 1600s. In 1442, Charles VIII of Sweden, the ruler of Finland, gave the…

Old Town Hall, Kauppakatu 13, 26100 Rauma + Google Map
Ester Aaltonen nyplää

The exhibition series highlighting master lacemakers in Rauma continues, this time with an exhibition about two lacemaking sisters, the Aalto sisters. Anna Palmu and Ester Aaltonen are a prime example of how the tradition of lacemaking in Rauma has moved…

Old Town Hall museum, Kauppakatu 13, 26100 Rauma + Google Map
Harmoni-purjelaiva, maalaus

The exhibition displays a varied collection of souvenirs brought from the World’s seas by seafarers and sailors from Rauma. A similar exhibition was held in the Old Town Hall in 1910. Back then, visitors saw various artifacts from abroad: vertebra…

Marela museum, Kauppakatu 24, 26100 Rauma + Google Map
Kastemekko raumanpitsikauluksella

The exhibition presents lace patterns from the oldest Rauma lace collection, Grönholm collection. The exhibition is on display at Rauma museum Marela (Kauppakatu 24). Entrance fees Opening hours

Marela museum, Kauppakatu 24, 26100 Rauma + Google Map
8.6.2019 klo 11.00 - 15.9.2019 klo 16.00

Rauma Triennale 2019 In Praise of Boredom

This summer Rauma Triennale challenge to ponder what is the value of boredom. Rauma Triennale 2019 - in Praise of Boredom consists of a theme exhibition, and a program for the opening months of the exhibition. Rauma Art Museum and…

Inspira is celebrating its 40th anniversary with an exhibition at Nokan torppa, Suvitie 10 Rauma Open daily from 12-18. Cafeteria, art lottery. Free entrance

Nokka Art house, Suvitie 10, 26100 Rauma + Google Map
RMJ Raumanmeren juhannus logo
20.6.2019 - 22.6.2019


RMJ Midsummer Music Festival in Otanlahti Bay 20.–22.6. The artists are mainly from Finland. On Thursday 20.6. Sanni, Vesala, Pikku G, Pyhimys, Stereo, Roope Salminen & Koirat, Pasi ja Anssi. On Friday 21.6. Movetron, Ellinoora, JVG, Tungevaag & Raaban, Reino Nordin, Evelina, Portion Boys,…

Welcome to 39th night run at Kaljasjärvi! There will be marked path for athletes about 12,5km long around Kaljasjärvi from 6pm to 21pm. At 9pm competitors will start their run. Kodisjoki rantasauna (Kaljasjärventie 135) will be the center of this…

29.6.2019 klo 15.00 - 16.30

Finnish choir Örisevät at Poselli

Normally at Fuengirola, but now at Rauma to perform at Posellissa Sat. June 29 at 15.00-16.30. Free entrance!

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