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Sepänkadun Köyhät & Nöyryytetyt, Aqua-Wreck, Kodinrikkojat + Varis // Brummi

While waiting for Christmas, Brummi Live Club is hosting a four-band concert night on Saturday, December 16th, starting at 8 PM. Featuring: Sepänkadun Köyhät & Nöyryytetyt, Aqua-Wreck, Kodinrikkojat + Varis. Doors open at 4 PM.

Tickets at the door and in advance for 7€
No separate cloakroom fee.

Concert tickets:


4:00 PM doors open
4:00 PM–9:00 PM record store open on Nurkka
8:00 PM Varis
9:00 PM Sepänkadun köyhät ja nöyryytetyt
10:30 PM Aqua-Wreck
12:00 AM Kodinrikkoja

Varis (Crow), a young punk rock band that started playing last year, delivers unique music from Rauma with a punk attitude and modest playing skills!

Sepänkadun köyhät ja nöyryytetyt (Sepänkatu’s Poor & Humiliated) is a love project by three friends processing their traumas. Their songs meticulously delve into past relationships and existential crises. The band mixes indie pop with 70s songwriting tradition, folk with furious grunge, but nothing is off-limits.
It all started when the humiliated trio ended up living under the same roof in Pori for a summer. Their songs are born from the need to write, tell stories, and create music together. Panama Records released their debut album “Hyvästit pojille” (“Goodbye to the Boys”) in October 2023.

Playing progressive rock, Aqua-Wreck takes its listeners to the depths of its musical sea to explore worlds beneath the surface. Drawing inspiration from the whims of the human mind to table slamming, their music resonates with influences from hard rock, R&B, jazz, and classical music. Key elements include diverse dynamics, a rich harmonic world, and intriguing arrangements. The five-member band’s instrumentation includes, besides traditional band instruments, a trumpet and saxophone.

Founded in Rauma in 2016, the indie/punk band Kodinrikkojat (Home Wreckers) strikes with lyrics that hit the spiritual main electric board of the Finnish home. Unrequited love, hatred, indifference, and bitterness, but also hopes and dreams intersect in the lyrics of Kodinrikkojat.

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16.12.2023 20.00


Brummi Live Club, Karjalankatu 15, Rauma

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