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Yölintu Approximately 30 Years – Concert at Rauma Hall on April 5th

Yölintu’s first flaps of wings extend all the way back to the 1990s, as Simo Silmu and Markus Kuusijoensuu founded the band in 1992. Throughout their career, the band has achieved a level of popularity few reach. Yölintu’s number of gigs over the years has reached astronomical figures. Simo Silmu’s deep interpretations and the band’s music always strike a chord with the Finnish audience.

Approximately 400,000 copies of Yölintu’s albums have been sold. The group has released numerous studio albums, a few compilation albums, and dozens of singles. In addition, Simo Silmu has released three solo albums. Yölintu has received eight gold records, five platinum records, and one double platinum record. Their most successful studio album is the 1998 release “Tositarkoituksella,” which has sold nearly 96,000 copies.

Their flaps of wings have left their mark on the history of Finnish schlager music, and Yölintu continues to soar strongly in the world of schlager! The Yölintu Approximately 30 Years Concert Tour serves up familiar and perhaps slightly less familiar tunes from over the years.

– Our own music in our own style. The Finnish legend of schlager never falters. Welcome to celebrate with us in festive zembalos, Yölintu welcomes.

Lineup on the tour:

Simo Silmu – vocals, accordion
Jukka Harju – guitar
Jari Luostari – bass
Harri Lehtonen – drums
Tomi Lahtinen and Pekka Huttunen / Äänirasia – sound engineering

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5.4.2024 19.00 - 21.30


Rauma-sali, Satamakatu 26, Rauma

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