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Marela house in 1894.
13.5.2022 00.00 - 31.3.2024 00.00

Life at Marela

On April 17, 2022, Rauma Museum’s Marela, a ship-owner’s home museum, has functioned as a museum already for 40 years. The 40th anniversary exhibition highlights Marela’s building history, some of

Marela Museum , Kauppakatu 24, Rauma
An old sextant from Rauma museum collection.
16.2.2022 00.00 - 29.5.2022 00.00

Innovative inventions of the past

In the lobby of Rauma Museum’s Old Town Hall, there is a small-scale exhibition in a showcase highlighting objects that made life easier in the past. During the spring of

Old Town Hall , Kauppakatu 13, Rauma
Christmas flowers on the dining table at Marela museum.
1.12.2021 00.00 - 5.1.2022 00.00

Christmas flower exhibition

Rauma Museum is showing a small-scale Christmas flower exhibition in Marela (Kauppakatu 24). Floral arrangements with genuine flowers are on display in the exhibition spaces of the ship-owner’s home museum.

Marela Museum , Kauppakatu 24, Rauma
Graphic art of Tommi-Wihtori Roström: The tower of the Church of Holy Cross and the tower of the Old Town Hall.
15.10.2021 00.00 - 31.12.2023 00.00

Spiritual and secular power in Rauma -exhibition

In an exhibition upstairs at Rauma Museum’s Old Town Hall (Kauppakatu 13), the visitor will have an opportunity to explore how the church used to exercise spiritual power and the

Old Town Hall , Kauppakatu 13, Rauma
Koski Koskisen omakuva. Akvarellityö.
1.6.2021 00.00 - 19.9.2021 00.00

Kosti Koskinen – The Diary of a Man in the Street

The exhibition is based on Kosti Koskinen’s artistic work, visual art and writings, as well as his personal archive. The exhibition is curated by Heta Kaisto and Henna Paunu, and

Old Town Hall , Kauppakatu 13, Rauma
4.5.2021 00.00 - 17.4.2022 00.00

Photo exhibition Me and my pet

The photo exhibition Me and my pet showcases the soft side of Rauma museum’s photo collection, cute and adorable pets and their owners from bygone times. Pets have delighted and

Marela Museum , Kauppakatu 24, Rauma
20.4.2021 00.00 - 31.12.2023 00.00

Rauma lace basic exhibition

Rauma museum exhibits history of Rauma lace by displaying part of its extensive lace collection at the Old Town Hall (Kauppakatu 13). The exhibition tells the story of Rauma lace

Old Town Hall , Kauppakatu 13, Rauma
A wooden mask at the Romainan exhibition in the Old Town Hall.
7.10.2021 00.00 - 13.2.2022 23.59

Settling down in Rauma – immigration stories

In the lobby of the Old Town Hall (Kauppakatu 13), there is a display case in which Rauma Museum provides a venue for local immigrants to tell their story. The

Old Town Hall , Kauppakatu 13, Rauma
Naisten työt-näyttelyssä esillä oleva sininen silkkiviuhka 1800-luvun lopulta.
13.11.2020 00.00 - 12.3.2023 23.59

Women’s work -exhibition

Rauma Museum’s exhibition Women’s work in Marela, portrays women’s work and life through objects from the collections of Rauma Museum. The objects tell a story of women’s work and life,

Marela Museum , Kauppakatu 24, Rauma
1800-luvun kirjottu merkkausliina.
7.2.2020 00.00 - 31.3.2024 23.59

Embroidery and cozy comfort – a Biedermeier parlour in Rauma style

Rauma museum’s exhibition at Marela (Kauppakatu 24) displays a Biedermeier-style interior. In addition, the exhibition highlights embroidery, a handcraft style that was popular during the Biedermeier era. Entrance fees: Adults

Marela Museum , Kauppakatu 24, Rauma