The new building will be designed to be multi-purpose and to support cross-curricular learning.

The school spaces can be flexibly adapted and transformed into open, closed or mixed spaces. The style follows the model of previous school construction projects in Rauma.

The school, kindergarten, self-service library and sports hall have a total surface area of around 6,600 gross square metres.

lapsi leikkii päiväkodissa.


  • 2-form entry school, including grades 1 to 6
  • After-school club
  • Two pre-school groups
  • One integrated small group
  • Three groups for children aged 1 to 5

The total number of children using the facilities is around 375, of whom 50-60 attend the afternoon club. The school has an estimated 264 pupils. There are 42 children in the pre-school groups and 67 in the nursery. The total number of staff is about 55.

The size of the building is based on the statistical number of children, which varies from year to year.