Old Town Hall

Rauma Museum has been located in the Old Town Hall since 1902. In the beginning the museum was located on the upper floor but in the 1930s museum acquired down stairs as well. Untill then the local police department worked there.

The Old Town Hall was built in 1776 and it is predominantly an example of the baroque style but the basic form (a two-storied town hall with a clock-tower) is known already from medieval towns. The 18th century town halls in Rauma and Porvoo are the only ones in Finland which have remained in their original form.

The exhibition on the ground floor shows the history of lacemaking in Rauma and lacemodels are on display. The museum shop, Kistupuad, is also located on the ground floor. The shop sells works of local artisans, souveniers and of course lace. The exhibitions on the upper level change every year.