Marela shows the life and lifestyle of a wealthy shipowner and his family at the turn of the 1900s, the golden age of seafaring in Rauma.

Gabriel Granlund II (1819-1901) was one of the leading bourgeois and ship owners in Rauma. In the end of the 19th century Rauma witnessed a golden age of shipping and commerce. Granlund’s ships were larger than others and he mostly had the sole ownership over the ships.

Gabriel Granlund died in 1901 and after his death his two sons and widow carried out huge renovations in the house. Unfortunately the sons’ business did not go as well as it had gone before with their father. Already in 1907 the house and personals had to be sold at an auction. The house was bought by a farmer named Tobias Kauppi, whose widow would later on sell the house to her relatives in 1942. The city of Rauma bought the house in 1978 and opened it as a museum in 1982.

Dining room

The details of the interior of the building such as ceiling paintings, paneling of ceilings and walls, stoves and doors have been preserved in the same state as during the time of the Granlunds. The aim in furnishing the rooms has been to provide the rooms with the kind of furniture that are mentioned in the inventory list though nothing of the household goods of  the Granlund family remains. The chairs and tables in the dining room are not old and the room is still used for represen­tational purposes. Changing exhibitions are also held in the museum.