Rauma Adult Education Centre

Welcome to Rauma Adult Education Centre

You are more than welcome to attend all our classes! Many of our teachers and your fellow-students speak also English or other languages and are willing to help you if you don’t master the Finnish language.

You can browse the curriculum 2020-2021 on the Internet : https://www.opistopalvelut.fi/rauma/

How to sign up for a course?

You can register either via Internet or by calling 044 793 4515 or 044 793 4517 during the office hours (Mon, Wed-Thu 9.00-16.00, Tue 9.00-17.00 and Fri 9.00-15.00). You can also visit the office at Lyseokatu 2.

You can sign up on the Internet (www.opistopalvelut.fi/rauma/) if you understand some Finnish and if you have a Finnish social security number. Internet registration is open 24/7.

The other possibility is by phone. Please have at hand the name and the number of the course and be ready to give your contact details. The course fee will be debited later by sending you an invoice by post.

Some of the courses might fill up quickly, while others still have vacancies even after they have started. You can always ask about course vacancies.