Home maintenance

As a tenant, you must take care of the apartment carefully. You are responsible if the apartment is damaged as a result of negligence. The apartment with its equipment must be kept clean and, for example, floor drains and ventilation valves must be cleaned regularly.

The landlord collects compensation in accordance with the resident billing price list for the costs of negligent violation of the tenant’s apartment, poor care, smoking inside or the otherwise untidy condition of the apartment. With our new leases, all of our properties are non-smoking indoors.

Plates, mirrors or lamps may be placed on the walls in a reasonable manner, but for example, mounting the TV directly on the wall requires permission from the property manager and the tenant must also be prepared for renovation costs after living. Other small or large holes or alterations must also be authorized and prepared for the possibility of repair costs at a later date. For example, attaching Ikea Lack shelves are not insignificant.

It is advisable to dry the laundry in the drying room of the house so that moisture does not cause damage to your apartment.

Occasionally, insects or pests can interfere with housing. If you notice any of these, contact your property manager or service center. Pests can be avoided by regular cleaning, basic hygiene, and regular removal of waste from the apartment.

Here is a list of the most common tasks that are the responsibility of the resident and to be borne by the resident.

Electrical equipment

  • Replacement and purchase of lamps, fluorescent tubes and lighters
  • Testing of residual current devices (if the electrical panel of the apartment has a residual current device)
  • Reinstalling the roof boxes of removed luminaires when changing out
  • Acquisition and maintenance of a battery-operated smoke detector
  • Regular cleaning of the condensing plates behind the refrigerator and freezer
  • Cleaning the refrigerator’s defrost water pipe
  • Cleaning the hob surfaces, oven and oven hobs and replacing the oven lamp

Water and sewage equipment

  • Cleaning odor traps and floor drains
  • Cleaning the faucet nozzles
  • Purchase a sink plug
  • Connecting the washing machine and removing the plug (if necessary)
  • Connecting the dishwasher and removing the plug (use a professional installer)

Air condition

  • Cleaning of exhaust and supply air valves
  • Cleaning the cooker hood or hood grease filter and replacing the lamp
  • Cleaning the replacement air valve in the window or wall

Windows and doors

  • Cleaning of windows and blinds
  • Installation of blinds (use a professional installer and leave in the apartment free of charge)
  • Lubrication of hinges
  • Door eye and chain installation (use a professional installer and leave in the apartment free of charge)


  • Balcony cleaning and snow removal
  • Drain cleaning
  • Balcony glass cleaning

Outdoor areas

  • Snow work, sanding and cleaning for your own apartment (in terraced houses)
  • Lawn and shrub care for your own home (in terraced houses)
  • Snow work and cleaning for your own parking space