Movers check list

Make a move notification

Once the lease has been signed, you must make a move notification to the Digital and Population Information Agency and the Post Office at You can find information on DVV’s website to which all the new address information will be forwarded, also think about who else you need to notify of your change.

Get a home insurace

The insurance is a small investment in case the damage happens. If there is no insurance, all costs of the damage will be borne by the tenant

Make the electricity contract

As a general rule, electricity is not included in the rent, so be sure to enter into an electricity contract with the energy company of your choice in good time. Energy prices can be compared at

Internet connection

Be sure to check the rental agreement to see if internet is included in the rent or if you need to make your own contract for internet connection. The connection can be obtained from the same operator as the telephone subscriptions.

Get a smoke detectors

A Smoke detector is a mandatory piece of equipment in the home that the tenant must purchase themselves. Even if you yourself are careful, damage can happen to a neighbor. Be sure to check the alarm batteries regularly.

Housing benefit

Remember to make the application in time to Kela. You can use the calculator on Kela’s website to check whether you are entitled to housing allowance. If you are already covered but you are moving to a new address, notify Kela of your changed information.