In case of damage

If damage occurs or defects occur in the apartment, contact our office or service center immediately to rectify the matter. You can find the information of the service on the notice board of the house.

All the houses we have hosted have a safety guide required by the Rescue Act to ensure safety. Be sure to read the safety guide that you will find on your lease or on your home’s bulletin board.

Protect against accidents

The housing association offers comprehensive and versatile group accident insurance to residents of housing associations and their guests.

Accidents, bone fractures and convalescent safety

Compensates for accidents that occur in the common areas, common working or housing company related trip as well as during the notified alterations and repairs in the notified apartment, as well as broken glasses, hearing aid, safety helmet and denture.

Key security

Reimburses the cost of replacing the lock or opening the door when the key is left in the apartment by a resident, is lost or stolen.

Interruption of housing

Compensates for the interruption of housing caused by the damage.