Teaching at Rauma Adult Education Centre

Do you have a skill you would like to share and teach others?

In addition to full-time staff, Rauma Adult Education Centre employs around 160 hourly teachers each year. We are always in need of substitutes and new teachers.

Please tell us briefly about yourself, your work and educational experience and your areas of strength. Please also tell us what kind of courses you could teach. These can be more than the courses we currently offer.

Planning for the new academic year starts in February and in March most of the teachers for the next academic year are recruited. The majority of Rauma Adult Education Centre courses are held in the evenings, but day and weekend courses are also possible. Offer us a short course or a course for the whole year.

Feel free to contact the teacher/planner in charge!

Emmi Lainio
sport and well-being, home and leisure, digital skills
puh. 044 793 4511

Marika Bindar
tel. 044 403 6014

Siiri Jokela
tel. 044 793 4513

Kirsi Kuusisto
fine arts
tel. 044 793 3427

Johanna Maijala
crafts, handicrafts
tel. 044 793 4518

Kristina Haavisto
history, society and interaction, well-being, home and leisure
tel. 044 403 6177

Aleksi Kumpula
tel. 044 403 6178