Total gross area of the building is approximately 30 400 square meters.

The size of the sports hall is about 4600 m²
– the main court 24 meters by 44 meters, retractable bleachers open
– two practice courts 22 meters by 34.5 meters, retractable bleachers closed
– three practice court for the school 14.5 meters by 34.5 meters, retractable bleachers closed

Seating capacity 832 people
– fixed bleachers 256 seats
– retractable bleachers 468 seats

A concert hall that seats 200

Videos from the construction period in a playlist


building constructor, Hartela Länsi-Suomi Oy
plumbing constructor, Vehmasputki Oy
electrical constructor, Sähkö Oy Turku
HVAC constructor, Satatech Talotekniikka Oy
sprinkler constructor, Afire Oy
water treatment constructor, Enviroprocess Finland Oy
tiling constructor, Tiilikaari Oy
building automation constructor, Schneider Electric Finland Oy