Afternoon activities for schoolchildren

Afternoon activities for schoolchildren offer children in the first and second grades and children on special support the opportunity to spend a varied and safe after school together with other children in the supervised activities.

The afternoon activities are open to first and second graders as well as special students in 3rd to 9th grade. Afternoon activities are available on weekdays from 11 AM to 5 PM. In addition to the City of Rauma, the organizers are Rauma Teacher Training School and Rauman Avokas ry.

The activity is a versatile guided and supervised leisure time in the company of the instructors. The activity also includes a snack.

The facilities used in afternoon activities are either in schools or close to schools. In addition, the premises of private service providers or the Wellbeing Services Counties are used. Children who have been granted a school transport benefit can use the benefit when transferring to the afternoon activities of their own school or to the afternoon activities closest to the address in the population register. Guardians are responsible for transporting the child home from the afternoon activities.

Enrollment for Afternoon Activities

1st graders enroll in afternoon activities at Wilma in connection with enrollment in basic education. A letter of enrollment will be sent to the guardians during week 3. Older students will also enroll during the enrollment period through Wilma. In 2024, the enrollment period is from 5th to 28th February.

If registration has not been made within the registration period due to e.g. moving, you can register for the activities using an electronic form.

Afternoon activities must be resigned in writing. The resignation form can be filled electronically. Invoicing for afternoon activities ends with a notice of resignation.

If the child does not participate in afternoon activities on all weekdays, the guardians must inform the afternoon activities instructors of the child’s dates of participation. The list of the days when the child participates in afternoon activities must be delivered to the afternoon activity site no later than by Wednesday one week before. The list can also be send to the instructors via e-mail as an attachment. There is no need to fill in the list if the child participates in afternoon activities every day.

Operating fees for Afternoon Activities

Operating fees for the academic year 2024–2025 have been staggered into two different payment categories according to the needs of families. Sibling discounts and other social grounds (over 10 days/month 123 €, 0–10 days/month 62 €) are also taken into account. Additional daily price is 15 €/day.

It is possible to apply for a discount of 50% of the agreed fee category. The basis is the family size and income limits of the Act on Client Fees in Early Childhood Education and Care (1503/2016) as of 1 August 2018. The exemption from the charge as a child welfare support measure may be granted for a fixed period of time, according to the written statement of the social worker. The fee reduction or exemption is applied for with an electronic form.

The income limits entitling to reduced afternoon activities fees are as of 1 August 2020 and are valid for the academic year 2024–2025.

Family sizeMinimum gross limit €/month

The family includes persons living in a shared household and underage children of both living in the same household with them.

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