Invoices Addressed to the City

The City of Rauma only receives electronic invoices. Partners that send invoices must send all invoices electronically.

The electronic billing operator is Apix Messaging Oy.

Invoices sent to the city, including Rauma Water and Rauma Regional Waste Management Facility must have updated recipient information and updated information in all customer information systems.


  • Invoicing address: 003701387809
  • Broker ID: 003723327487 or 00372332748700001
  • EDI-identification: 003701387809

If the party sending the invoice uses e-invoicing services from banks, they should check the invoicing address and broker ID from

Invoices can also be sent through which is a paid service that requires registration.

The city of Rauma does not handle or receive paper or email invoices.

The Invoices Must Include

  • The City of Rauma business ID 0138780-9
  • City of Rauma as recipient (Rauman kaupunki, PL 1000, 00781 Helsinki (not enough that the address is only on the envelope))
  • Name of department/unit
  • Reference name
  • Contract or order number if applicable


Private entrepreneurs or companies that have sold a service to the municipality must submit a Yel/Myel certificate. The certificate should be sent in pdf format to the email address The certificate is valid for one year from the date of issue, after which a new certificate must be submitted.

A self-employed person who does not have Yel/Myel insurance will send the invoice directly to the client.

Invoices Sent by the City

All invoices sent by the city are possible to receive as e-invoices. E-invoices are electronic invoices that can be taken into use in own online bank. After approval, information about the contract is transmitted to the City of Rauma’s billing systems, after which the next invoice is sent as an e-invoice to the customer’s online bank. The bank will also help you to order an e-invoice contract, if necessary.

Direct payment can be used by signing a direct payment contract with a bank. The invoice is automatically debited from your account on the due date.

Businesses can receive their invoices as e-invoices by sending their e-invoice address to

Bank Accounts for the City of Rauma

BankAccount numberBIC
Nordea Pankki Suomi OyjFI98 2040 1800 0637 66NDEAFIHH
Oma Säästöpankki OyjFI86 4108 0012 2978 52ITELFIHH
Länsi-Suomen OsuuspankkiFI22 5630 0020 0938 42OKOYFIHH
Danske Bank OyjFI61 8000 1800 4012 43DABAFIHH

Purchase Invoices

  • Mansour Ulla

Sales Invoices

Sales ledger and payments

  • Anttonen Elisa

  • Tamminen Tarja