Council for the Elderly Missions

The Council for the Elderly people plays an active role in matters concerning elderly people in Rauma.

  • It pays attention to ageing, well-being and the role of elderly people in society.
  • Acts as a channel for presenting initiatives, proposals, statements and opinions to decision-makers.
  • Actively monitors planning and developments relating to living conditions and services for the elderly population

The Council is composed of representatives of the various pensioners’ organisations and meets at least four times a year.


  • Rantala Janne

Composition of the Council for the Elderly 2021-2024

  • Ulla Antola, Eläkeliiton Lapin yhdistys ry
  • Muisto Peräntie, Eläkeliiton Rauman yhdistys ry
  • Orvokki Toivonen, Lapin Eläkkeensaajat ry
  • Tuomo Grundström, Rauman Eläkeläiset ry
  • Eija Sand, Rauman Eläkkeensaajat ry
  • Seija Jumppanen, Rauman Kansalliset Seniorit ry
  • Leea Hiltunen, Rauman Kristilliset Eläkeläiset ry, chairman
  • Sirpa Koponen, Rauman Kunnalliset Eläkeläiset ry
  • Irma Suonpää, Rauman Rintamaveteraanit ry
  • Keijo Jokila, Rauman Seudun Toimihenkilöt Pro ry / Seniorit
  • Riitta Leppäkoski, Rauman Seudun Senioriopettajat ry
  • Seppo Valtonen, Rauman Seudun Sotaveteraanit ry
  • Sinikka Ringbom, Rauman Seudun Työkyvyttömyyseläkeläiset ry
  • Kalle Leppikorpi, representative of the city council
  • Janne Rantala, city representative, head of the Council for the Elderly , meeting secretary, organisational coordinator

Council for Older People Minutes

Other minutes can be obtained from the secretary of the Council for the Elderly.

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