Early childhood education is a planned and goal-oriented system of education, teaching and care, with a special emphasis on pedagogy. Parents have primary responsibility for their children’s education. Early childhood education supports and complements the educational role of the home and contributes to children’s well-being.

Forms of Early Childhood Education

  1. Early childhood education: daycare, family daycare, group family daycare and shift care
  2. Pre-primary education
  3. Open early childhood education

The child on the path of growth – The City of Rauma’s early childhood education plan reflects our vision of the child at the beginning of their growth and development. Our aim is for the child to follow their own path with joy, finding along the way the joy of learning and discovery, exploration and wonder, friends and the care and nurturing they need. Pre-primary education is part of early childhood education. It is based on the Basic Education Act and the curriculum for pre-primary education. The early childhood education plan has been updated and the Education Committee approved the updated early childhood education plan on 25 May 2022.

The basis for a child’s well-being in early childhood education is inclusion, cooperation with the child’s carers, professional staff and safe, healthy premises.

In early childhood education, each child has their own early childhood education plan, which sets out the goals and steps to support their development, learning and well-being. The plan also includes a record of any support for the child’s development and learning and how it is provided. The plan is drawn up in cooperation with the child’s guardians. The views and wishes of the child are taken into account in drawing up the plan. In pre-primary education, the same principle is applied to the child’s pre-primary education learning plan.

Submitting a Complaing

Children have the right to safe and high-quality early childhood education and care. Sometimes, however, carers have questions or are dissatisfied with early childhood education and care. In these situations, the parents can seek clarification with the Director of the Early Childhood Education unit responsible for the education, the person in charge of the institution or the Head of the Early Childhood Education Department. The parent has the right to lodge a complaint about the operation of municipal or voucher-based early childhood education, if things are not resolved by discussing the matter in the early childhood education center (Early Childhood Education Act, Section 54§).

Early Childhood Education Service Center

Contact the service center

  • for advice and more information on early childhood education and care options
  • there are changes to a pending application for early childhood education and care, the start of the need for care is brought forward or postponed
  • if you have problems with the eService

Telephone 040 172 9455
If you would like to meet the service adviser in person, please make an appointment by email or phone.
Email varhaiskasvatus@rauma.fi

The Early Childhood Service Center helpline is most reliably available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

If the service adviser does not answer the call, they will call you back.

If it is not urgent, please send an email.

Please contact the Early Childhood Education Center Secretary if you need

  • income information to be provided and the income to be taken into account for the calculation of the early childhood education fee
  • an early childhood education invoice
  • Henriksson Pauliina

  • Kaukkila Virpi