Swimming hall from the outside.

General information

The Rauma Swimming Hall has a wristband that is used to access the swimming section through the gate system. You can buy a single wristband or a serial wristband at the swimming pool’s cash desk. The price for a serial wristband is €10. It is charged for 10 or 20 visits. It is also possible to download the bracelet online using your bank details. You can download 10 and 20 visits for adults, children and pensioners. The swimming pool is not responsible for lost wristbands. The swimming pool will not replace any remaining swims after the expiry date. The swimming pool also does not replace unused swims.

Wristbands are sold during the opening hours of the cash desk. On Wednesdays, the swimming pool will not open until 12 noon. At the swimming pool, you can pay with Smartum exercise vouchers, Tyky fitness vouchers, Power vouchers, Sporttipass , Tyky-Online and Eazybreak.

In addition to the swimming tracks, Rauma Swimming Hall has a diving pool, a large warm-water pool with a water slide, a children’s pool, two jacuzzis and a café.

Swimming pool profiles.

Other information

On Saturdays and Sundays, warm water (32 ºC) days in the rehabilitation pool as well as in the children’s pool.

The steam room for women and men is out of use.

Fitness pool 12.5 meters x 25 meters, 6 lanes, lane width 2 meters
Fitness pool    8 meters x 25 meters
Jumping pool    12 meters x 12.5 meters
Children’s pool   6 meters x 10 meters
Jacuzzi       diameter approx. 1.8 meters

Swimming hall's Wibit-track.

Wibit -water barrier track

Wibit has obstacle courses, slides, climbing and other super fun features for all swimmers who can swim a distance of at least 25 meters.