Bio waste

You can put to bio waste and to compost everything that has ever been alive. Take biodegradable waste into your bio waste container or compost it according to your chances. Bio waste is transported to Biolinja Oy.



  • food sources, fish baskets
  • berries, fruit and vegetable bark and other wastes
  • egg shells, egg carton
  • coffee and tea with filter bags
  • kitchen towels, table linen
  • dead flowers and plants
  • pet cleaning wastes, pellets etc.
  • solidified baking or ham fat in a paper wrap (don’t pour in to drain)



  • Hazardous waste, including out-of-date medicines
  • liquids
  • cigarette ends, ash
  • vacuum dust bags
  • milk and juice cartons
  • rubber, leather, glass, porcelain
  • textiles
  • plastic, metal
  • plasticized papers, diapers
  • cat litter