Kuvassa omena


You can use your biowaste container (biojäteastia) to dispose of all organic/bio matter, i.e. anything that was previously a living organism. Around a third of all household waste is made up of organic/bio material. Please place your biowaste in a paper bag or in a bag that you have folded from newspaper.

Biowaste is turned into gas at the Gasum Oy production facility in the City of Turku. If biowaste is not separated from other waste, it will be incinerated alongside burnable waste (previously known as mixed waste) and this will impair the incineration process.


  • food sources, fish baskets
  • berries, fruit and vegetable bark and other wastes
  • egg shells, egg carton
  • coffee and tea with filter bags
  • kitchen towels, table linen
  • dead flowers and plants
  • pet cleaning wastes, pellets etc.
  • solidified baking or ham fat in a paper wrap (don’t pour into drain)


  • Hazardous waste, including out-of-date medicines
  • liquids
  • cigarette ends, ash
  • vacuum dust bags
  • milk and juice cartons
  • rubber, leather, glass, porcelain
  • textiles
  • plastic, metal
  • plasticized papers, diapers
  • cat litter