Glass packaging



You can place both clear and coloured glass packages in glass package collections. The items must be cleaned and we ask that you remove all lids, tops and metal parts. All bottles subject to a deposit scheme (pantti) should be returned to your local shop.

Even a small fragment of porcelain mixed with glass packaging collection can lead to significant issues and costs. If you are not sure whether something is glass package or not, it is better to dispose it as burnable waste (previously known as mixed waste) than to include it in glass packaging collection.

The glass packages are transpored to Suomen Uusioaines Oy for recycling.


  • glass bottles
  • glass jars


  • caps, covers, plastic and metal parts (the neck rings of the bottle can be left)
  • porcelain, pottery
  • glass containers (drinking glasses, baking casseroles, coffee , pots and pans, etc.)
  • crystal glasses
  • Opal glasses (for example, in some cosmetic packaging or ornaments)
  • incandescent and halogen lamps (for mixed waste)
  • window glasses, windscreens
  • mirrors and laminated glasses
  • Injection vials and ampoules