Biowaste’s many processing ways

A residential property located in conurbation with 10,000 inhabitants must have a separate collection container or rodent-proof.

Biowaste collection container

1-2 week interval
Container has to have wheels, handle and it has to be suitable to be mechanically loaded. The smallest possible size is 140 l.

1-4 week interval
Biowaste collection container is ventilated and have spacing layer at the bottom of the container. Biowaste must be packed in a paper bag when using biowaste’s collection container on the property. Container has to have wheels, handle and it has to be suitable to be mechanically loaded. The smallest possible size is 140 l.

Owner of the property will acquire the biowaste’s collection container and makes a contract with the waste management’s customer service:

Neighbors can acquire biowaste container together and form bio-buddy system/cooperative arrangement. Both a permanent residence and a leisure home can acquire this system.

Composting is a good way to reuse the biowaste formed at the property

After you have acquired a composter you only need beddings/ mixture and biowaste.

Start to compost: Spread beddings/mixture 5-10cm layer to the base of composter. Add alternately biowaste and beddings/ mixture. You should add beddings everytime you add biowaste to the composter.

In a thermally insulated composter the burning of the biowasteis so fast, that the composter should get enough air to stay operational. You should mix up the mass once a month.

Thermally insulated composter that gets enough biowaste and biowaste burns all year round. The need to empty the composter may even be every 6-7 weeks.

It would be good to have second phase composter to composting. When emptying the composter, the easiest thing to do is to put the composted biowaste in the second phase compost. Composted biowaste without phase two/ second stage composting can be too strong for mostgarden plants.

A composter intended for composting biowaste must be rodent-proof.

You can find more information on maintaining a composter, e.g., on the websites of companies that manufacture composters.

Composting must be reported to the waste management authority, electronic form or paper form filled out at the service point Pyyrman.

Compostings notification forms can also be found from the libraries of Eurajoki.

You can also start composting with a neighbor, by getting a composter or using an already existing composter together. Such an option is good if the household generates small amounts of biowaste.

Composting notification