Lakeside sauna of Noitajärvi

The lakeside sauna of Noitajärvi is located in Vermuntila, at Noitajärventie 80. Turn from the route 8 to the village of Vermuntila, and drive about 2 kilometers, after which you can see a sign of the lake turning to the left. Distance from the centre of Rauma is about 13 kilometers.

Lakeside saunas are available for rent from May to October.

Price list:

Cottage + barbecue shed + 1 sauna Mon-Thu 120 € / day,
Fri-Sun 150 € / day.
In addition, another sauna 50 € / day

For daily rentals, the rental starts at 12 noon and ends at 12 noon on the day the rental ends.
There are no rents starting on the days of general sauna shifts (June-August Tue, Thu and Sun).

The doors will be opened by the association at the start of the rent.

The tenant will take care of the basic cleaning at the end of the rent (emptying the rubbish bins into the outdoor waste bin, wiping the surfaces, vacuuming the floor) and locking the doors.

Beach saunas are not available for rent from 1 to 3 July, 8-10 to 7 July, 15 to 17 July, 22 to 24 July and July 29-31.

• cottage (approx. 36 m²)
• two wood-heated beach saunas (approx. 4-5 adults at a time / sauna)
• two canopy campfire sites
• outdoor toilet
• sandbox + toys
• electricity
• hob, microwave and fridge
• disposable cutlery, kitchen and toilet paper
• two sofa beds (for 2 people)
• pillows and blankets / blankets (for 4 people)
• fireplace
• sleet
• parking space

No running water. The tenant will take care of bringing your own use-water. The saunas use hand-held lake water. In the sauna, pot water in connection with the heater.
In the kitchen only a few basic kitchen utensils, no crockery due to lack of running water (no dishwasher available).