Lakeside sauna of Noitajärvi

The lakeside sauna of Noitajärvi is located in Vermuntila, at Noitajärventie 80. Turn from the route 8 to the village of Vermuntila, and drive about 2 kilometers, after which you can see a sign of the lake turning to the left. Distance from the centre of Rauma is about 13 kilometers.

The lakeside sauna is available for reservations all through the year.


  • a cottage (c. 36 m²)
  • two lakeside saunas, a larger one and a smaller one
  • two barbeque spots with shelters
  • privy
  • sandbox for children
  • electricity from solar cells
  • drinking water from the tap
  • stove and a fridge
  • capacitive fireplace
  • beach
  • parking area