Day care and education

Pupils and students are directed to a curator either by their selves, through their parents´ contact, school and teaching institutions´ personnel, child welfare social workers, or through other co-operation partners.

Curators discuss advice, and direct cases concerning the life situations of children, young people and families. Curators, who are social security´s sub-ordinates, operate in all pre- and comprehensive schools and second degree institutions in Rauma. They work as a part of schools’ and institutions diverse pupil- and student care, and also as a link to social security if needed.

Pupils and students may come and meet a curator during the day, or be in contact via phone, or Wilma (not in WinNova). Parents, schools personnel, and other co-operation partners can also be in touch with the curator.

Curators in pre-schools, primary schools and upper comprehensive schools:

Sanna Mannila, tel. +358 44 793 5222,
 – Raumanmeri comprehensive school
Riina Taavitsainen, tel. +358 44 793 5223,
Hj. Nortamo comprehensive school
Unaja primary school and pre-school education
Emmi Peltomaa, tel. +358 44 793 5224,
 – Nanu primary school (classes 1–9) and pre-school education
Sari Mäkipää, tel. +358 44 403 7845,
– Rauma Normaalikoulu primary school (classes 1–9)
– Rauma Pikkunorssi pre-school education
Kirsi Furst, tel. +358 44 403 6218,
 – Helkkilä pre-school education
 – Kourujärvi primary school and pre-school education
 – Lappi primary school and pre-school education
 – Uotila primary school and pre-school education
 – Tenavakallio pre-school education
Sanna Järvelä, tel. +358 44 403 6217,
 – Kaaro primary school and pre-school education
 – Kaivopuisto pre-school education
 – Kodisjoki primary school
 – Kortela primary school
 – Onnela pre-school education
 – Papinpelto pre-school education
 Pyynpää primary school and pre-school education
AnittaTammela, tel. +358 44 403 6390,
 – Kari primary school and Wähä-Kari pre-school education
 – Lajo primary pre-school education
 – Pohjoiskehä primary school and pre-school education
 – Vasarainen primary school
Teija Nieminen, tel. +358 44 431 4640
 – Naula primary school
 – Pohjoiskehä small groups

Curators in Second degree learning institutions:

Anne Pennanen (WinNova), tel. +358 44 403 6282,
 – Tourism-, Nutrition- and Finance field
 – Maritime field
 – Safety field
 – The field of Health Care and Social Services
Jenni Juntunen (WinNova), tel. +358 44 403 6281,
 – Technology and traffic engineering
 – Business and Commerce
 – Beauty Care
 – VALMA (training for occupational basic education, ex. profession start) WinNova
Sirpa Parkkila, tel. +358 44 793 3423,
Rauman Lyseon lukio (Upper secondary school)
– Rauma Freinet school and Feskari pre-school education