Housing and environment

Marking the horizontal and vertical position of a building

Before commencing the construction work

Prior to the commencement of a construction work, Real Estate and Survey Unit marks the horizontal and vertical position of the building according to the approved building drawings if it is required in the building permit.

Location inspection

Once the foundation of the building or a corresponding construction phase has been completed, the construction work can be continued only after the location of the construction site and the height position have been found correct by a location inspection.

Fees for the services are as follows:

Building with max. 2 apartments, separate utility building or comparable construction: € 87.50 per corner point, minimum total € 350
Any other buildings than those listed above: 50% increased fees => € 131.25 per corner point, minimum total € 525
Small enlargement to an existing building or a diminutive structure: 50% decreased fees => € 43.75 per corner point, minimum total € 175
Demarcating construction or digging site (unofficial, voluntary): €115, including 4 poles

(Decree 05 04 06 for Building supervision fees)

Location marking

When you do not want to do an actual real estate survey (demarcation), the boundary and boundary points of the plot can be marked informally on the terrain for e.g. building a fence. A fee of € 100 is charged for every starting 200 metres of fence. The same price also applies to checking or indicating the height position in the yard. Real Estate and Survey Unit provides also other field survey services charged according to cost per hour.

Establishment and maintenance of control point networks

About 4,000 control points have been built within the Rauma area. Maintaining and updating the control point network is a continuous process. Control point information can be found from the Rauma Internet Map Service > base map > control point information.


Real Estate and Survey Unit produces spatial data sets in Rauma area.