Leisure and sports

Public swimming pool

Hankkarintie 8, 26100 Rauma

Tel. +358 44 7933572
E-mail: uimahalli@rauma.fi

Opening hours

Swimming hall is also closed during the summer from 31.5.2023 to 14.8.2023.

Monday at 6–20.30
Tuesday at 6–20.30
Wednesday at 12–20.30
Thursday at 6–20.30
Friday at 6–19.30
Saturday at 11–17
Sunday at 11–17

Admission ends one hour before closing time, swimming time ends half an hour before closing time.

The serial bracelet is valid for one year after the product is charged.
Serial downloads for adults, children and seniors are valid for 2 years from the date of download.

Swimming time (with dressing) is 2 hours.


The Rauma Swimming hall uses a wristband that is transported through the gate system to the swimming department. The price of the bracelet is 10 euros. It will load 10, 20 or 50 visits. The bracelet can also be downloaded online with bank IDs. Series tickets for adults, children and seniors 10, 20 and 50 times are available for download.

The Swimming hall is not responsible for lost wristbands. The Swimming hall will not replace any uses remaining after the expiry date. The swimming hall also does not replace unused swimming times.

On Saturdays and Sundays, hot water (32 ºC) days in the rehabilitation pool as well as in the children’s pool. During the autumn holidays (week 43) warm waters throughout the week (in the rehabilitation and children’s pool). The steam room for women and men is out of order.

Price list

Adults 6,50 euros
Children 5-16 years 4,50 euros
Pensioners 4,50 euros
Students 4,50 euros
Unemployed 4,50 euros
Conscripts 4,50 euros
Disabled at least 50% 4,50 euros
Must be demonstrated by a valid document

Series bracelet is 10 euros. The wristband fee is paid for the first time.

Series tickets for adults:
10 times 52 euros
20 times 100 euros
50 times 235 euros

Series tickets for children, seniors and students:
10 times 35 euros
20 times 69 euros
50 times 165 euros

Assistant (with the assisted person) is free of charge, if the assisted person’s functional need so requires. This must be proved by an EU disability card with an A mark from 2.1.2020.


The gym is targeted at the city’s own exercise groups, but others still have the opportunity to go to the gym.
The gym is available during the swimming pool’s opening hours. There is an age limit of 15 years for the gym.

Gym price list

One time fee 7,00 euros
One-time fee, special group 5,00 euros (unemployed, student, pensioner)
Adult 10 times -bracelet 40,00 euros
Special group 10 times -bracelet 32,00 euros
Combination ticket (indoor pool & gym), adults 10-bracelet 82,00 euros
Combination ticket (indoor pool & gym), adults 20-bracelet 155,00 euros
Combination ticket (indoor pool & gym), special groups 10-bracelet 59,00 euros
Combination ticket (indoor pool & gym), special groups 20-bracelet 114,00 eurosThe entrance fee includes the use of the hall for a maximum of two hours.


Fitness swimming pool 12.5 meters x 25 meters, 6 courses, swimming track width 2 meters
Fitness pool 8 meters x 25 meters
Jumping pool 12 meters x 12.5 meters
Children’s pool 6 meters x 10 meters
Jacuzzi about 1.8 meters in diameter