City administration

Invoices addressed to the city

The City of Rauma only receives electrical invoices. Partners that send invoices must send all invoices electrically.

Electronic billing operator is BasWare Einvoices Oy. In addition, Rauma has contracts with Nordea and Osuuspankki to receive electronic invoices, so that even small businesses can send electronic invoices without large investments.

Name Finvoice address EDI-identification Operator Operator ID
Rauman kaupunki 003701387809 003701387809 BasWare Oyj BAWCFI22
Rauman kaupunki 003701387809 003701387809 OP-ryhmä OKOYFIHH
Rauman kaupunki 003701387809 003701387809 Nordea NDEAFIHH

The city does not receive invoices by email or handle any paper invoices.

Invoices must show

  • City of Rauma as recipient
  • name of department
  • reference name
  • contract or order number if applicable

Invoices can be made independently in

Invoices sent by the city

All invoices sent by the city are possible to receive as e-invoides. E-invoices are electronic invoices that can be taken into use in own online bank.

Bank accounts for the City of Rauma

Bank Account number BIC
Nordea Pankki Suomi Oyj FI98 2040 1800 0637 66 NDEAFIHH
Eurajoen Säästöpankki FI68 4450 2320 0506 13 ITELFIHH
Länsi-Suomen Osuuspankki FI22 5630 0020 0938 42 OKOYFIHH
Danske Bank Oyj FI61 8000 1800 4012 43 DABAFIHH