Housing and environment

City as a cadastral survey authority

City of Rauma acts as cadastral registry authority for areas having detailed plan with binding plot division. City prepares plot divisions in these areas and carries out legal cadastral surveys like plot subdivision, formation of public area and easement survey.

Government as a cadastral survey authority

National Land Survey of Finland acts as cadastral registry authority in areas without detailed plan and detailed plan areas with guiding plot division, shore plan areas and master plan areas.
Detailed plan areas without binding plot division are mainly located in former municipalities of Rauman mlk, Kodisjoki and Lappi.

Extracts from Land Information System of Finland

Real Estate and Survey Unit of Rauma is selling extracts from the land information system of Finland. This service covers the entire territory of Finland. Cadastral register extracts are needed for instance when applying for a building permit or when selling a real estate or unseparated parcel. These extracts are for example, extracts from cadastre, extracts from cadastral index map, certificates of title and certificates of mortgages and encumbrances.

Public purchase witness services

A real estate transaction must be made in written. A public purchase witness must be present when the deed of transfer for property is signed. Transfer can be transaction, exchange or gift. Without a public purchase witness, the transfer is void, and the buyer cannot have a certificate of title for the real estate or unseparated parcel.
Public purchase witness advises on how to apply for a certificate of title and conveys the details of transfer to National Land Survey of Finland.