Housing and environment

Building supervision is a statutory authority activity. The task of building supervision is to supervise the construction and maintenance of the built environment. Building supervision also provides general construction advice.

  • The inspectors are generally available from Monday to Thursday at 10-12. Other times by appointment.
  • The permission secretary is available from Monday to Friday at 10-15.
  • If necessary, building permit applications can be left at the service point Pyyrman.
  • Counseling and review appointments can be booked from the permission secretary or the building inspector.
  • Terrain markings and location reviews can be booked from Pyyrman, Valtakatu 2A. Further information from the service point: 02 834 5000

Careful planning brings the expected results. It is worth investing in hiring a qualified designer at the very beginning of the project. The main designer is responsible for the overall design work.

It is recommended to be in touch with the building supervision well in advance before applying a building permit. Together with the help of a qualified designer and the building supervision you ensure that the project progresses to the right direction.


Permission secretary Katri Pirinen, 044 403 6104, katri.pirinen@rauma.fi

  • General management tasks of the building supervision office
  • Archive services of the building supervision
  • Environment- and permit –board meetings agendas and minutes.

Assistant building inspector Elina Kovanen , 044 403 9196, elina.kovanen@rauma.fi

Assistant building inspector Katariina Hakala, 044 793 4743, katariina.hakala@rauma.fi

Assistant building inspector Mari Vallimäki, 044 793 4742, mari.vallimaki@rauma.fi

  • Building permit information and –decisions for houses and leisure home sites
  • Demolition permits
  • Landscape work permits
  • Reviews for the construction work

Restoration specialist Piritta Ernvall, 044 403 7902, piritta.ernvall@rauma.fi

  • Repair advice and supervision of renovation construction of culturally and historically valuable buildings in Old Rauma.
  • Building permit advising in the area of Old Rauma.
  • Guidance, preparation and supervision of World heritage sites care allowances
  • Building conservation and restorations special tasks.

Inspection engineer Jukka Snicker, 044 403 6335, jukka.snicker@rauma.fi

  • Reviews for the construction work
  • Accepting the building foreman applications, official inspections, commencement meetings
  • Structural plans, strenght calculations and energy reports

Building inspector Timo Heinilä, 044 534 1953, timo.heinila@rauma.fi

  • Management of the building supervision unit in permit processes and in the built environment
  • Building- and action permit decisions and their presentation at the environment- and permit –board meetings
  • Building permit decisions in the area of Old Rauma

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