Cottages and boats for hire


Bookable cottages in Rauma archipelago are available for hikers, travellers and groups. They can be used as rest stops during hiking, canoeing and fishing trips and for overnight stays. Bookable, locked cottages are found in Rohela and Vesiluoma. Päiväranta house is only suitable for day-time use for groups, for example student or pupil groups. Overnight stays are possible in the facilities of travel service providers in Rauma archipelago.

Cottages are modest and require independence.

For more information on the cottages, check the image links below.


Rowing boats are available for crossing Mustalahti bay and Omenapuumaa strait. The boats are kept at the leisure harbour of Mustalahti and in Omenapuumaa (location of the boat 61°11.660, 21°26.603). The boats are locked. A key can be collected for a deposit in Service Point Pyyrman.