Housing and environment

In detailed plan areas, City of Rauma conveys plots for housing and business according the general terms ratified by City Council.

Plot Reservation

As a rule, the conveyance takes place in a way that the plot or building site is reserved for a builder. During the reservation period, the builder can draw up necessary plans, and the actual possession will be transferred by a lease or a sale agreement just before applying for a building permit.

The reservation period is about one year at a time. During the reservation period, any construction work or cutting trees is not allowed on the plot. Soil surveys are permitted at the time of reservation.

The reservation fee will be invoiced after a booking decision. The applicant confirms his reservation by paying the fee by the due date of the reservation. No payment reminders are sent for the reservation invoice.

Plots and building sites are generally leased for 60 years and the leasehold can be transferred to a third party without consulting the city. With an exception of few cases, the tenant has a right to purchase the plot as it is built. Plots are reserved for lease with purchase rights. The right to purchase is born when the construction obligation is fulfilled.

Building obligation period for housing and business plots is 3 years from signing the land lease contract.

Detached House Plots

Plots are applied on monthly basis. Applications are submitted latest on the last day of each month. Applications received will be processed at the beginning of the next month. Applicants will be awarded sequence numbers by means of a raffle to determine the mutual order of those applying for the same plot. Real Estate Secretary makes the booking decision.

Before submitting an application for a plot, it is advisable to contact the building supervision authority to ensure that the plot is suitable for the planned building. The reservation fee per plot is 170 Euros.

Multi-storey Building, Terraced House and Business Plots

The City of Rauma announces new multi-storey building, terraced house and business plots with an application period on its website and other media.

If the plot has not been conveyed within the application period, vacant plots can be reserved based on applications without an actual application time.

In the application, the scope of the project and the timetable for implementation must be described. The booking fee per plot is 500 euros.