Parkkikiekko, pysäköinti

Parking is free in Rauma – please remember to use a parking disc in specified zones

The surveillance of parking and parking zones is the responsibility of the Parking Control and the police. The Parking Control’s Office also handles, grants and administrates special parking licenses in otherwise restricted zones such as the Old Rauma. Patrolling traffic wardens are in charge of daily surveillance and may issue parking tickets & fines.

Parking & the use of a parking disc

Parking spaces are found in good supply in the city center, by the sides of the roads and for example near the largest commercial centers. While parking in Rauma is free there are areas where it is mandatory to use a parking disc. The whole Old Rauma for example is in principle a no-parking zone but there are some parking spaces available for public use. These spaces are marked clearly and should be easy to recognise. When parking on the street, one has to park in the direction of the flow of traffic – not against it. Parking in parks, on lawns and in forests is forbidden.

In case of any problems, please refer to this guide or contact the Parking Control Office.